Transparency is essential to any successful design project. Below, we are weighing in on the questions we get most, from timelines to fees.

How can an interior designer help me transform my space?

Creative Redesign can play a pivotal role in transforming your space into a place that truly reflects your unique personality and style. With our expertise and creative vision, we go beyond mere decoration and focus on enhancing the functionality, aesthetics, and overall ambiance of your environment.

In addition to helping you transform your space, partnering with Creative Redesign offers the advantage of saving you valuable time and money by preventing costly mistakes. Our expertise and industry knowledge allow us to navigate through the myriad of design choices, ensuring that every decision made is thoughtful, purposeful, and aligned with your vision.



It begins with a complimentary get-to-know-you Discovery Call where we answer any questions you may have, find out the scope of your project, and discuss more about our process.

If we feel like we are a good fit, you’ll then schedule an Initial Consultation. During this onsite visit, we aim to get a better understanding of your style preferences, your likes, and dislikes. We will also gather more in-depth information on the scope of the project, your priorities, and schedule. This is also when we define your investment range for the project and discuss how you plan on using your space, to help us in the appropriate selection of materials and furnishings for your space. Measurements and “before” photos will be taken in order to develop a unique design with the detailed floor plan.


What is your interior design process?

Our interior design process involves several key steps to ensure a successful outcome. It consists of four stages: the Planning phase, Design Development, Design Execution, and Final Installation. 

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How do you determine the budget for a design project?

We work closely with you to establish a budget based on your priorities, desired quality, and scope of the project. Our aim is to achieve the best possible results within your realistic specified budget.

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How long does a FULL SERVICE interior design project typically take?

The duration of a project depends on its size, complexity, and your specific requirements. We provide a project timeline during the initial stages, taking into account factors such as design development, procurement, and installation to give you a realistic estimate.

It usually ranges between 3 - 6 months. Renovation projects can sometimes take longer.

Given the complexity of our projects, which involve various components, occasional delays may occur, potentially extending the estimated project timeline.


What is your approach to incorporating my personal style into the design?

Your personal style is of utmost importance to us. We start by understanding your likes, dislikes, and inspirations, and then integrate those elements into the design. Our aim is to create a space that feels uniquely yours.


How do you source materials, furniture, and accessories for the project?

We have an extensive network of trusted suppliers and vendors. We carefully select materials, furniture, and accessories that align with the design concept and meet your desired quality standards.


Will we drive around to different stores to personally pick out furniture?

We do not engage in the practice of visiting multiple stores to individually pick out furniture pieces. This approach limits the available options, adds significant time to the process due to travel between stores, and often the desired piece may not be on display in the showroom. Instead, we aim to recreate the shopping experience in the comfort of your home by gathering extensive photographs, specifications, and product samples to aid in making informed decisions. All this information is presented in our Design Presentation.



Yes, we provide a detailed cost projection that outlines the expected expenses, including design fees, furnishings estimates, and any other relevant costs. This helps ensure transparency and allows you to make informed decisions.


How do you handle unforeseen challenges or changes during the project?

Unforeseen challenges can arise during any project. We maintain open lines of communication and keep you informed of any necessary adjustments. Our experience allows us to adapt and find creative solutions to overcome such challenges while keeping the project on track.

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